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BoomFi Secures Registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in Poland

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BoomFi's new VASP registration in Poland marks a pivotal step in enhancing its crypto payment solutions and regulatory compliance

BoomFi Secures Registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in Poland
BoomFi secures registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider for Europe

Marking a significant development for crypto payments, BoomFi is excited to announce its official registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in Poland. This progressive designation, conferred by the Chamber of Tax Administration in Katowice, authorizes BoomFi to facilitate the exchange between virtual currencies and fiat currencies, a crucial step for the expansion of their innovative crypto payment solutions.

Set against the backdrop of Poland’s forward-thinking cryptocurrency regulatory environment and burgeoning tech industry, this achievement represents a substantial leap for businesses looking to integrate digital currencies into their operations. "Choosing Poland was a strategic decision aligned with our innovative spirit," stated Jack Tang, CEO of BoomFi. "The country's advanced approach to digital assets and its thriving tech ecosystem make it an ideal location for fostering our cutting-edge solutions. As pioneers in crypto payments, being a registered VASP in Poland enhances our ability to provide EU businesses with unparalleled access to virtual and fiat currency exchanges."

In collaboration with legal advisors LegalBison, BoomFi ensured a seamless registration process. Aaron Glauberman, a partner at LegalBison, was instrumental in this significant achievement. "We were thrilled to advise BoomFi on acquiring their VASP registration," remarked Glauberman. "BoomFi's role in the crypto space adds real-world utility that strengthens the case for digital currencies in mainstream payments. Their VASP registration underscores their commitment to regulatory compliance, fostering a safer and more cohesive environment for digital asset integration globally."

BoomFi's suite of solutions is tailored for businesses ready to embrace the future of finance. The company specializes in simplifying crypto payments, enabling recurring transactions, offering on and off-ramps for digital currencies, and executing payouts with an efficiency unmatched by traditional banking. This comprehensive enhancement of services is a game-changer for enterprises aiming to leverage digital assets while adhering to regulatory standards.

"BoomFi is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies. Our platform ensures businesses can confidently step into the digital currency space, supported by our robust, secure, and user-centric solutions," added Tang. By reinforcing its compliance with regulatory standards, BoomFi consolidates its position as a beacon of innovation and reliability, supporting businesses navigating the new frontiers of digital payments.

For more information about BoomFi's crypto payment solutions or its recent VASP registration, please visit BoomFi's website or use the contact information provided below.